The Team

Blackstone Industrial’s Team was formed January 2007. The Team consists of select individuals with a broad array of domestic and international project experience in a variety of situations and environments.

Our personnel are skilled in domestic & international project development& execution; including combined-cycle turbo-compression projects, aquifer underground gas storage rehabilitation, offshore gas production compression platform; major facility, unit & system automation & optimization.

Blackstone Industrial’s expertise extends from plant debottlenecking to CO2liquefaction, palm oil refining, malting / liquid malt extraction, major plant technology modifications & upgrades, greenfield renewable diesel.

Blackstone is all about teamwork.  When you work with Blackstone, we become part of your team and stick with you throughout the life cycle of the design, procurement, construction, and startup process.

We commit to do all we can to provide you exactly what you want, when you want it, and within the budget you have set. We are thoroughly transparent and as client-inclusive as you would like us to be. Pleasing you with the results of our efforts and confirming the wisdom of your decision in hiring us is our sole business strategy.

Jim Hagberg

Leigh Remsburg brings 20 years of professional experience & leadership to the company. Her experience in medicine & biopharmaceuticals may seem unusual for the leader of an industrial design-build firm. But in fact, the disciplines learned in medicine & pharmaceuticals have proven to be excellent fit for a firm engaged in engineering & constructing complex industrial processing facilities.

Jim Hagberg

Jim Hagberg brings over 35 years of domestic and multi-national Project Development as well as Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Project Management experience to Blackstone Industrial.  He has played a lead role in major operating company initiatives and improvements in plant operation and optimization as well as having single-point, turnkey responsibilities for major projects, including the commissioning and start-up of projects he’s design-built.