The Process

To streamline the construction process, Blackstone employs a fast-track method of project delivery.  The fast-track method integrates design and construction so that both progress as simultaneously as possible.  This reduces cost and avoids many of the pitfalls that can potentially delay project completion.

Fast-Track Method

Blackstone manages contracts differently.  We collaborate as a team in a phased contract basis so design, bids, and build all happen simultaneously.

  • Design-Bid-Build

    In the Design-Bid-Build process, the owner works and contracts directly with the designer, engineer, and contractor. The owner is responsible for the decision-making, design, purchasing and risk. This is a common way of establishing contract builds, however;

    • It is often costly in both resources and time.
    • The disconnect between the design of the project and the actual implementation means the process is less integrated and the risk of miscommunication increases.
    • Expectations and results are far removed from each other.


In the Fast-Track process, the owner… is working with Blackstone as a fully integrated team. The contractor, Blackstone, takes on all the burden of risk in this Turnkey Construction technique.  

  • Reduces cost of both time and resources.
  • Maintains a consistent collaboration between design, contracting, and build.  
  • Phases expectations and results so that you can see each step in completion, making the project's long term expectations more active and thus, more realistic.

Doing Business with Blackstone

The scope and associated cost of a project is critical.  To you, the client, it represents the amount of money you are committing to spend.  To us, it’s the maximum amount we guarantee you will pay us to deliver your project.

Blackstone incorporates pre-construction, preliminary engineering, and cost estimating phases to project the budget  as accurately as possible.  Once we agree on the price, it is entirely our responsibility to deliver a project that performs to your specifications within the budget.

As we work through the detailed design of the project, we conduct periodic design reviews with you to ensure you are 100% comfortable with how things are going to be built and operated.

Blackstone values transparency and communication.   We place the money you invest in the project in a specific bank account to which you have complete visibility.  You know exactly where & how much of their money is going various places. This includes when we pay ourselves for our services.

Projects have thousands of moving parts.  We use our years of experience in problem solving and troubleshooting to ensure the time scale, performance and quality of the project.  When you work with Blackstone, the risk is on us, not you.  

Challenges are not new to us.  For many, the turnkey solution may slip away because of unforeseen problems.  We are always prepared to deal with the unexpected.  We work with the right amount of confidence and flexibility to confront every situation with clarity and perseverance.

We fully understand the trust you are placing in us to deliver an excellent product with which you are exceptionally satisfied. You are entrusting your company’s future & and survival to us.  It is a trust we take very seriously.